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Fluid Transfer
: Hose Caddies: HC10

6010 Hose Caddy

A Rapid Hose Deployment and Retrieval Solution for the Mining Industry

Meet the crème de la crème of hose reels Engineered for endless miles of highway travel, the HC10 Hose Caddy conveniently enables the operator to pull multiple reels behind truck, a flatbed tractor trailer, or can be mounted to the HC10T trailer.

DOT rated, the HC10 Hose Caddy is in a class by itself enabling one to deliver massive volumes of fluid at a moments notice from the pumping source. This sharp, sophisticated hose reel simplifies hose deployment and retrieval saving time, money, and minimizing problematic downtime.



  • Equipped for highway travel
  • Increase productivity and avoid high labor costs
  • Accurately position hose where you want and avoid untimely hose damage
  • Easy to hook-up/unhook multiple trailers for convenient travel
  • Reduce routine maintenance, avoid expensive repairs and replacement costs
  • Save on labor costs by allowing you to minimize your manpower
  • Extend the life of your hose by preventing damage during retrieval

  • Features

  • Meets highway markings and width requirements
  • Corrosion-resistant drum sides
  • Hydraulic drive hose retrieve with heavy duty hi-torque motor
  • Simple one-lever connector for all hydraulic lines
  • Shift to float / free-wheel from cab
  • Hydraulic pivoting tongue has 3 different pivot points
  • Drum can be separated from trailer to improve logistics
  • LED lighting system
  • The highway tires are for weight capacity and is North America DOT rated for highway
  • Details

  • Hose ID & Length:
  • Holds 10: 6” x 660’
  • Holds 8 Rubber: 8” x 660’
  • Holds 6 TPU: 8” x 660’
  • Holds 5: 10” x 660’

  • Axle: 1
  • Weight: 6,856 lbs. dry
  • 20,000 lbs. GVWR (with 10” hose)
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