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Fluid Transfer
: Hydraulic Power Units
Cadman 82 hp Hydraulic Pump Unit

If you crave a powerful, dependable, yet safe and long-lasting hydraulic power source, look no further than Cadman.

Cadman builds rugged, dependable Hydraulic Power Units focusing on quality, durability, and safety packed with more than enough power for the job. They are designed to withstand the harshest of conditions and can be easily mounted to the back of a truck or trailer allowing for quick transportation to the work site.


  • Filtering efficiency increases with usage
  • Heavy-duty pump provides durability
  • Murphy gauges to ensure engine is running at peak performance
  • Quieter than other power units
  • Remote on/off capability enhances operational safety
  • Hydraulic fluid is environmentally safe

  • Features

  • Dual element air cleaner
  • Customizable engine and pump options
  • Instant emergency shut-off switch in the case of emergency
  • Customizable engine and pump options
  • Low coolant/high temp shutdown
  • Automatic shut down
  • Electric start
  • Comes standard with Magnetek Enrange™ CHTX Transmitter Remote
  • 82 HP diesel engine with Rexroth AV10VO
  • Hydraulic flow of 45 GPM at 3600 PSI
  • Peak pressure available at 4600 PSI

    Magnetek Enrange™ CHTX Transmitter Remote

  • Rated IP65, sealed to withstand harsh, industrial environments
  • Durable housing is made to withstand shock
  • Connected to heavy-duty chest plate to prevent operator fatigue
  • Built on a proven technology platform with a long track record for success in the field
  • Magnetek
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