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Irrigation Booms


  • Controlled droplet size reduces soil damage
  • Large droplets can be selected to reduce drift while fine droplets can be used for very delicate crops
  • Reduced impact from small droplets also reduces soil capping and soil erosion
  • Low pressure operation helps reduce pumping costs and puts less strain on the pipeline
  • All our booms are made from steel and are fully galvanized which ensures a long life span

  • 3-Wheel Boom Features (Models C-18, C-24, C-30, C-40)

  • 3-Wheel mounted booms allow lane spacings of 59’ to 200’ or 18m to 61m
  • For ease of operation the booms are transported on the reel and a fixed hydraulic lift system has been developed to transport the booms safely
  • All models give accurate and uniform water distribution under a wide range of conditions, with controlled droplet size to match the crop
  • The booms operate at a low pressure (9 to 60 psi / 0.6 to 4.1 bar) and can apply from 61 to 220 gpm or 277 to 998 l/min

  • 4-Wheel Boom Features (Models C-50, C-64)

  • Can be towed and operated from either end
  • The option of offset hose feed’ keeps the hose reel pipe in the wheeling, alleviating traction problems
  • Semi-automatic locking catches mean that even the largest booms are genuinely a one-man operation
  • No lifting or carrying
  • 4-Wheel steering means the boom follows the tractor into the row to keep crop damage to a minimum
  • Choice of pressure regulated spray-jets or rotators are available for required rates and droplet size. The boom operates between 100 - 400 gpm or 454 to 1816 litres per minute.
  • A choice of blanking plates, big-gun mounting kits and end sprinklers give the booms incredibly good versatility
  • 3-Wheel

    C30 95 Feet 95 - 157 Feet 61 - 216 1014 lbs.
    C40 131 Feet 131 - 225 Feet 66 - 243 1323 lbs.


    C50 210 Feet 210 - 295 Feet 96 - 400 3241 lbs.
    C64 210 Feet 210 - 295 Feet 96 - 400 3241 lbs.

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