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Irrigation Pumps

Caprari Pumps

Cadman carries the following Caprari products: Single-Stage Tractor Driven (PTO), Multistage Tractor Driven (PTO), Multistage Engine Mounted, Single-Stage Frame Mounted, Multistage Frame Mounted, Multistage Frame Horizontal Mounted, SCC Split Case Series, P-Series, P-Series Drive Units, Single-Stage Centrifugal Pumps with Horizontal Shaft, Multistage Centrifugal Pumps with Horizontal Shaft, PM Multistage Centrifugal, KS + Series Electric Submersible, DS - MS Series Electric Submersible Pumps.

Cornell Pumps

Cornell has built its reputation on producing high quality, efficient, heavy-duty centrifugal pumps to meet the toughest applications. Cornell's Clear Liquid pumps reach up to 89% hydraulic efficiency.

Berkeley Pumps

Cadman carries the following Berkely products: SAE Mount Pumps, Electric Pumps, Close-Coupled Drive Series, Frame Mount Centrifugal Series, High Flow / High Efficiency Centrifugal Irrigation Pumps, Heavy Duty "Z" Frame and Vertical Multi-Stage (BVM) Series.

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