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Manure Equipment: Liquid Storage Solutions

Albers Liquid Storage Solutions

Alligator Winsystem®
The Winsystem, a special frame with reel, is used to roll up the Winbag. The reel can be driven hydraulically by a petrol engine.
You can roll up the Winbag completely and sqeeze out all remaining liquids. The winsystem can also be used for transport of the Winbag. Different models are available.


Albers Alligator makes its Winbags from a double-side coated polyester fabric. The patented Alligator Winbag is suitable for all non-corrosive liquids and can be placed on just about any flat surface.



  • This is an entirely closed storage system.
  • It is easy to move.
  • Empties properly when rolled up.
  • Has from 100 to 350 m3 of space.

  • Features

  • Constructed From PVC Coated Polyesther Fabric
  • Life Expectancy: 5-10 Years
  • Three Vent Tubes
  • Two 6" Valves (For Filling and Agitation)
  • One 8" Valve (For Discharge to Pump on Winbag 200 Only)
  • Can Be Rolled Up And Moved Using The Winsystem Trailer
  • Patching Kit
  • Three Year Warranty On Fabric
  • One Year Warranty On Valves & Components
  • Easy installation
    The Albers Alligator L tank has a maximum storage capacity of 500m3 and is easy to install on any stable, flat mounting surface. Its simple rectangular shape makes the L tank a good and easy liquid storage solution. The L tank is the best way to store liquids that remain largely homogenous.


    Due to its low shape, the L tank doesn't disrupt the landscape. We recommend using a protective layer under the L tank when using it on harder surfaces.


    Weather and wind-resistant
    The L tank comes with a wide range of connections and with a vent as standard. The fabric-strengthened material can withstand the wind and weather as well as the mechanical load. A L tank with a special quality plastic is available for storing drinking water. Albers Alligator will provide you with trustworthy advice when it comes to placing, using, emptying and cleaning your L tank. 

    Sizes Available
    Alligator Winsystems® and accessories are now available on Hose Direct.

    Winbag 100 26,420 Gallons 53'L x 18'W x 4.75'H (Filled)
    Winbag 200 52,830 Gallons 105'L x 18'W x 4.75'H (Filled)


  • Rolls Up, Unrolls and Transports Winbag
  • Meets US DOT & Transport Canada Requirements
  • Galvanized Steel Construction
  • Electric Brakes
  • Gas Engine Driven Hydraulic Power Pak
  • Can Be Towed By an SUV or Pick-Up Truck
  • Tandem Axle
  • 235/75R15 Tires on Galvanized Rims
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Heavy Duty Turntable
  • 2-5/16" Ball Coupler

    Winsystem 1 Winbag 4034 lbs (empty)

    Diesel Drive Diesel Engine Driven Hydraulic Power Pak
    Drum & Stands For Storage of Additional Bag
    Lifting Bail For Lifting Drum In and Out of Winsystem

    Extra Patch Kit Extra Patch Kit For Winbag
    Triac S Heat Gun Heat Gun & Accessories For Applying Patches
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