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Manure Equipment: Manure Drag Reels (M-Series)

Manure Drag Reel

The Cadman M-Series is the world’s first hard hose drag system. It can be used in conjunction with any Cadman applicators - booms, injectors or Vogelsang Dribble-bar BackPacs.


The M-Series manure reels have the advantage of walking beam axles, hydraulic drive and capacity for large diameter and long length hoses. It carries up to 2000’ of hard hose and capacity for sets up to 160 acres per setup pumping at 1200 GPM or 4500 l/min. Setup can be completed by one experienced person.

Using the Cadman Hard Hose Drag System to spread liquid manure is simple and economical. Park your hard hose drag reel in the centre of the field to be applied and uncoil the hard hose pulling towarads the farthest corner of the field.

Simply drag the hose back and forth across the field until the whole field has been covered. When finished, unhook the applicator and wind in the hose.

M-Series Drag Reels: 4500M

4500 M-Series Drag Reel

M-Series Drag Reels: 4600M

4600 M-Series Drag Reel


M-Series Drag Reels: 5100M

5100M Series Drag Reel

M-Series Drag Reels: 5500M

5500M Series Drag Reel

M-Series Drag Reels: 5000M-XL

5000M-XL-Series Drag Reel



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