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40 foot wide Manure Injector

Cadman's Hydraulic Manure Injector is in a League of its Own

Cadman's front-folding hydraulic manure injector is a first of its kind. What makes this these models special is the ability to fold from either 30’ or 40'- depending which model you choose - down to 11’ wide for safe highway travel, moving from field to field.

By using a manure injector farmers have ability to place nutrients directly into the seedbed limiting the chance of spilling. This saves the user thousands of dollars on costly fertilizers.

30' Manure Injector


30 Foot Manure Injector

40' Manure Injector

40 Foot Manure Injector


  • One person operation
  • Save money by replacing synthetic fertilizers with manure
  • Use a drag hose system instead of tankers and eliminate compaction
  • Eliminate run-off and put the nutrients on when they are needed by the crop
  • Less soil compaction than your tanker spreaders
  • Less manure odour when using a drag hose manure injection system

  • Features

  • Choose your tooling (standard: Dietrich, VTI or Yetter Avenger) or other custom
  • Folds down to 11’ or 11.5’ wide for easy highway travel
  • 18”, 20”, 24”, 30” spacing available
  • 30’and 40’models available
  • 11’ or 11.5' wide when folded for convenient highway travel
  • Built in Vogelsang ExaCut Distributor
  • Versatile 2-point hitch
  • Hydraulic tongue extends independently of the wings
  • 2D Conventional grade control
  • Blow-out ball catcher
  • 6” Plumbing
  • Hydraulically controlled outrigger stabilizers
  • Galvanized wings and frame
  • Krohne Flow Meter
  • 8” Plumbing
  • Dietrich, VTI and Yetter Avenger tooling available. For other tooling, please call.

  • Other Applicators: Manure Booms | Dribble-Bar BackPacs

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